Hello, I'm Lezlea and I'm an Interactive Creative Developer.

It is a strange title but truly encompasses what I do - highly interactive beautiful solutions across web, desktop, touch-table, and kiosks. I’ve specialised in multi-touch table applications for 4 years, working with various clients and different table manufacturers such as Ideum or Promultis.

I love the freedom of building the entire application:
Beautiful custom navigation.
Moveable, scalable and ‘fling-able’ objects such as infographics, video, images, or beautiful graphics.
The physics of movement such as scrollable galleries, stunning code-based animations, timelines, or collision detection so that lovely flowers can bounce off each other when the user touches them.
Dynamic content: all of my apps are built with data held within XML or JSON. This means you can add, remove, or change content without needing to re-compile..allowing for easy updates.
I can create an online version of the application that works with mouse clicks, making it easier for you to view and check online.
The Applications can be built as Air Applications which have directory access and can be automatically restarted once a day via Windows Task Scheduler.
If required I can install the application on your touchtable or kiosks and perfect the speeds, gravity, and movements depending on your preferences and table performance.
Timers can be used to measure inactivity and display a screensaver in order to avoid screen burn.

I can work with your in-house team and bring to life whatever they envisage, or I can work with one of my own designers to come up with a concept from scratch. However I really enjoy being involved from the beginning, being able to use my past experience to shape the usability and designs to improve performance and create a really enjoyable, easy to use application.

I currently live in London but I work remotely for various clients across the world. I have contacts who can build touch tables from scatch or at Ideum where you can rent or buy touch tables based on your requirements.

I've attached some screenshots of work below along with a video of one of the touch table applications I built. If you would like to see the full examples or chat about potential work please get in touch via Email on hello@lezlea.co.uk, view my Creative Developer website, or my full working profile on Linked In.

Thanks, Lezlea

I have worked with Somo on a few touchtable applications, working closely with their designers to come up with the best usability and interactivity depending on the content needing to be displayed. This is a promo video for the BP Learning Table, I can provide more information or show the full application on request.

Ideum Starbucks Coffee Table - this is a beautiful example of objects being used on top of the touch tables as well as users touch interaction.
Note I did not build this, I would just like to show what is possible with Ideum Touchtables.

Having only worked with the 55" Ideum Pano Multitouch table I would love the chance to develop on such a large surface, imagine the possibilities!!
Note I did not build this, I would just like to show what is possible with Ideum Touchtables.